Helping you expand and thrive

Proffer's goal is to bring customers to small businesses, giving you more time to concentrate on actually delivering your service.


Saves your small business money with unlimited leads

Proffer promotes your business to a wider audience

Customer messaging in one place to keep things simple

What is Proffer? It is a platform where consumers are matched to businesses (we call them Proffer Pros) based on their service level requirement, budget and location.


Once a consumer submits their request, this is sent out to relevant Proffer Pros such as yourself, allowing you the chance to review and respond to the request, within our platform.


Proffer can also assist you in testing a new area of the market that you're thinking of moving into, without incurring heavy advertising or research costs. In simple terms, we bring potential customers to you.


Proffer offers a low cost monthly subscription option and doesn't charge you to pay per lead meaning that you can plan your marketing costs in advance and your success isn't dictated by how much you are willing to spend!

£29.99 per month for unlimited leads

Proffer provides your businesses a chance to grow 


What's Included?

Proffer provides you an unlimited number of leads per month, not pay per lead giving you more control over marketing spend.


Proffer is a resource for your business. Whether you are just starting out or established and looking for new ideas, we're here for you.


We save you time searching for new leads online. We bring them to you meaning you can make more time serving your customers.


Proffer takes away the needs for SEO knowledge or online marketing skills, giving small businesses an equal platform no matter your business background.



How will Proffer help my business grow?

Proffer is an online marketplace specificially for consumers looking for services. Proffer generates and provides directly to you, qualified leads only with needs that match your exact service offering. Proffer obtains the customer's budget and provide this to you before you make the decision to respond so you can be fully informed. Proffer aims to increase your online presence through our platform to expand your reach and ultimately thrive as a business, no matter what size.

Do I Pay for Proffer and access to leads?

Once you've signed up to Proffer, you receive a free three month trial and thereafer the price is £29.99 per month. This provides you with unlimited access to leads and the ability to respond to each customer if the opportunity suits your business. Here at Proffer, we don't want to make money by charging high prices for access to leads and we don't charge certain industries higher prices because their leads are more valuable. We care deeply about small and medium businesses thriving in their industries and that's the bottom line for us!

What happens if there is a dispute with the customer?

Proffer helps to mediate to assist you to each resolve the issue in a fair and concise way enabling you to reach a mutually beneficial decision and to continue with your professional relationship.

How are payments made by the customer to my business?

Proffer does not charge any transaction fee, you are free to agree with your new customer the best way to be paid in line with your usual payment methods, Proffer doesn't take a fee.